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Michael Annala, R. G.


Michael S. Annala is a Principal and the President of Smith & Annala Engineering Co. (SAECO). Mr. Annala is a graduate of Northern Arizona University and has over 16 years of combined experience in the Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Engineering, and construction industry. He co-founded SAECO with Michael E. Smith in 2011.

Mr. Annala's role at SAECO involves client development, engineering oversight, employee development and strategic planning for the firm. He is also serving as the Project Manager on various Construction Management, Construction Inspection & Testing, and Geotechnical Engineering projects at the Palo Verde Generating Station (PVGS). Mr. Annala has become a leading technical expert in the areas of large diameter pipe construction and repair, Geosynthetics, High-Density Polyethlyene (HDPE) materials, and soil cement construction quality control and quality assurance.

Mr. Annala also serves as the Nuclear Quality Assurance Projects Manager for SAECO's plant-audited nuclear testing program.

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