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Nuclear Generation Services

SAECO maintains a nuclear generating station audited Appendix B Compliant NQA-1 program.

This program is internally audited annually and has been externally audited by a nuclear generating station 4 times since 2015. Through our NQA-1 Program we provide the following services:

• Concrete field testing, including slump, air content, temperature, and unit weight

• Concrete laboratory testing, including compressive strength of specimens and cores

• Concrete constituent testing of water, ice, aggregates, and admixtures

• Grout field testing

• Grout laboratory testing, including qualification of bagged grout materials

• Soil qualification testing, including gradation and plasticity index determination

• Soil compaction testing

We can provide other testing/services through this program as needed.

Our program has been audited to the ASME NQA-1-2008/2009a requirements as well as ANSI N45.2-1974

To inquire about our nuclear services contact Michael Annala at or 602-826-7042.






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